My name is Tori Mcneill I went to Ebrington Primary school, Lisneal college and then North west Regional College or the tech as we know it. 

My Family and I like to travel, Last year we travelled around Arizona and Las Vegas which was very exciting. 

I enjoy photography and go out once a week to photograph local landscapes and places of interest. 

I also really enjoy blogging and vlogging focusing on the positive aspects of life. 

I am an artist and have had 3 exhibitions so far where I have sold a lot of my paintings. I also show and sell my work through my Facebook page called Art by Tori. 

My art is the one thing that makes me truly happy. Over the last four years I have developed my own unique style using bright colours and strong bold shapes. 

I am very keen to inspire other people with disabilities, not to be held back but to move forward be positive and reach for their dreams. 

I am 21 years old and I received a second diagnosis of Autism when I was 18. I think my Autism has aided my art and helped me develop my unique style, seeing the world though a spectrum of colour. 

At the minute I am getting ready to open my 4th exhibition called ' Over the rainbow ' expressing my love of colour and in support of our wonderful NHS. 

I went to school at Clondermott Primary School and then to Lisneal College. I can’t say I had a favourite subject back then - hindsight is always a great thing isn’t it. However, what I lacked in qualifications I made up for it by getting my driving test. A great life achievement for me! It took me a few goes but I got there in the end. I now drive a small citron and would like to drive to the North Coast and Donegal in the summer.

I worked at Lakeview Hospital in Gransha Park at the main reception. I knew everbody and was there since 2010. Now I work at the Valley Centre.

I am thirty- two now and I find there isn’t many groups and activities in the city for people of my age. I would like to meet a lady and get married, to live independently with the right support and also to do my parents proud.

In the past, I have spoken at key Western Health & Social Care Trust events in Derry and Omagh and for Mencap, advocating on behalf of disability rights and inclusion in community life.  I do find it difficult speaking in front of large crowds at public events but deep down I want to test myself. I see them as a challenge and I always want to do well; I am not just representing myself but a whole lot of people too.

Hi my name is David, I’m 21 years old from Derry. I’m a student at the North West Regional College,

studying Level 3 ICT. I like working with computers; my dream job would be a game developer.

My biggest hobby is gaming; I’m an Xbox player and my favourite game is Halo. My other interests

are music- I like blues and rock n roll. I’m also learning how to play guitar- I have been practicing

Brian Adams “Summer of 69”.

I have an interest in photography, I like taking photos of urban landscapes and taking pictures of

deserted areas of the City- I think it’s really captivating how they have a rustic look about them. I love taking shots on a cloudy, dark day- they have got an industrial appeal.

I love to read novels- my favourite genre is fantasy and my favourite series is The Witcher. I also play

The Witcher game on the Xbox- its loads of fun!

I decided to get involved with the Autism Community Newsletter because there are many Autism

organisations, but they don’t really cater to our needs, or keep up to date with events. I think a

Newsletter will be easy to share with our community and help people know what’s happening.

For me, Autism is help and a hinderance- it helps me organise my work and keeps my attention on

my interests but also makes me ignore things that don’t hold my interests especially a subject I’m

not interested in. I would like more educational programmes to cater towards people with Autism

e.g. about the world at large and social stories delivered in a way that can keep everyone’s interest

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Tori McNeill


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Lee Snodgrass


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David McCauley



Schools: Chabot Elementary, Montclair Elementary, The Springstone School in California.


I came to live in Derry three years ago and go to St. Mary’s College. I have just completed my A Levels and would love to study abroad in the future.


Likes: Reading, writing, video games, and warm sunny weather.


Dislikes: walking and loud people,

Goals: To make writing my career

I’m the coordinator of the Flip It! Project within the Gasyard Development Trust. 


My initial experience working with Autism, was many years ago now, offering Equine Assisted Learning & Therapy programmes through Equine Enrichment CIC. It is wonderful to see the transformative positive changes that occur when people with Autism spend time and interact with horses in their natural surroundings; I find it so rewarding to be witness to this incredible connection and marvel at the positive impact such an approach has to offer. 


I have been working on the Flip It! Project for 2 years; offering children and young people with Autism the opportunity to take part in Creative Art Therapy Programmes, including Music, Art & Dance focusing on building friendships, reducing anxiety, and improving communication skills through creative expression. We also run family fun days, Halloween and Christmas events as well as our increasingly popular Silent Discos! 

I have worked in community development for 15 years and have extensive experience as a project worker and facilitator in Arts and Health. With an arts background and earlier working life spent in design and communications, I developed links within the Community and Voluntary Sector, initially working in the area of Active Ageing and Adult Learning.

My 10 years work with Reminiscence Network Northern in the field of creative reminiscence, life story work and life review entailed working with people of all ages including intergenerational groups, schools and colleges. I love to hear people stories and I thrive on working with emerging groups like the North West Spectrum. I am so excited to have been part of this wonderful project and know that its participants, family members, well wishers and the wider community will continue to make it a success!

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Kelly Luttrell Alexandra Good



Louise Moorhead

Project Coordinator


Deirdre Doherty

Creative Facilitator